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September 2019
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PostSubject: Story Summary   Story Summary I_icon_minitimeWed Jan 18, 2012 7:39 pm

The clan of undead living in Hades, the city of darkness in the lower left corner of the map, is the Misers, the Clan of the Miserable, who were given their name by the humans. The eat flesh and drink blood. They are the evil men that lived among the humans for centuries, disguised as mortals. They look no different than any human, but have immortality. When they don’t feed, they grow ill and sick, eventually leading to their deaths.

The humans have begun locking them in prisons and starving them. It was a Miser, known only as Dark Lord after he began carving it into his victims, who caused a war between the humans to mask his killings. Now the world is in ruin and the humans have moved into ‘safe camps’ to avoid the cities where the demons dwell.

The humans living in the safe camp in the top right corner are the survivors of this area. The bridge was destroyed, preventing them from meeting with the nearest safe camp. Among the humans are hunters, doctors, new leaders, and children primarily.

The clan of immortals living in the lower right corner is the Lost, named by the humans because they mainly wander. Some among the Lost are searching for the purpose of their immortality. They live in Lost Valley.

The small clan of immortals in the lower center of the map is the immortals with no name, consisting primarily of young woman who work under a secret leader.
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Story Summary
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