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December 2018
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 Trigger Feature

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PostSubject: Trigger Feature   Tue Sep 18, 2012 6:52 pm

There's a new feature exclusive to Rose Pervoi. The feature is TRIGGER SPOTS.
What are trigger spots? Imagine Rose Pervoi is like an RPG where you're walking through an abandoned city full of potential danger. It doesn't make sense that just any character can survive it or walk around without getting attacked. That's where trigger spots come in.
While walking around the city, your character may come across a trigger spot that "summons" a character not yet awaken and sends them into attack mode.
Let me explain further.
Say you're walking towards the river. You know where all the characters are because they're posting, so that gives you the upper hand. What you don't know is the river is a danger zone with trigger spots set to summon Misers, furious Lost, human Bandits, or even shape-shifting zombies, all hidden from the forum until an unfortunate soul wanders around carelessly.
Once a trigger is activated, a new character appears on the forum with predetermined stats. Some characters are 'single play', living only long enough for one attack, and some are permanent.
Interested in playing a trigger character? Contact the admin or myself.
Play safe, kiddos.

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Trigger Feature
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