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February 2019
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 Mind Traps: The Beginning

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Holix Koye

Holix Koye

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PostSubject: Mind Traps: The Beginning   Thu Mar 20, 2014 2:54 am

I loved this city with my entire heart. The vibrations in the cement were like a heart beat to me. I adored it. I lived it. It was everything I had. It housed everything I loved. 
When the SS came, everything changed. Implants, automatic locking doors, data checks, phone hijacking, detention of homeless and over-crowded homes, and body scans when entering buildings was the start, but it progressed into something much worse. 'Security Dorm' bunkers, 'Destination Cars', food inspections and preservation injections... Things just got worse. 
Now I live in a mutant zombie. 
The increased radio wave pollution changed something inside me and I began hearing the thoughts of others. What makes everything so much worse is everyone that knows the truth is too afraid to change anything. 
I became a hacker to make them face the truth. The government thinks I'm a double agent. My friends think I'm a nerd with an unhealthy RPG addiction. But I'm just Holix, the modern day Cassandra of Troy. No one believes me now but they will.
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Mind Traps: The Beginning
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